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Variety Report:. She included the proverbial about how she wanted to use it on her and it left her humiliated. Another day he called another worker in his office, then pulled down his pants and showed her his penis. After the employee refused to do anything and was apparently disturbed, he re blamed her because she wasn't having sex. Variety adds:. Despite being married, Lauer stayed with the body and appearance of the woman in particular, according to more than 10 testimonials and former employees from the present. He was known for obscene comments he made through verbal written messages. For Lauer, work and sex were interconnected. More on diversity.On Monday, February 6, the legendary quarterback took on his Instagram story to poke fun at Tuesday's episode, a sneak peek of the February 6... Read more. The Oppression Facing Strange People Around the World. It's... Read more."

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The report, the result of a two-month investigation that included dozens of interviews with current and former NBC News employees, alleges that Lauer sexually harassed several female colleagues. But the real surprise, allegedly, is that Lauer had a button under his desk that allowed him to automatically lock his office door, which, according to two women who were sexually harassed by Lauer, allowed him to welcome female employees and inappropriate touching of Matt lauer's penis. The fact that an executive has the ability to lock people in his office without their knowledge is extraordinary. The fact that lauer allegedly abused this power to lock women in his office as if they were his prey is not surprising. A mission from the modern world of work. Learn how you can help create a productive, creative, and caring workplace culture. a. Send us your information! Membership Store. Feeling bad.

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According to dozens of current and former NBC employees, Matt Lauer exposed himself to one female co-worker and gave an adult toy to another. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The bomb claims were revealed in a Variety investigation. One woman said Lauer had delivered adult toys to female co-workers and attached explicit notes of Matt lauer's penis. For example, he allegedly called female employees to his office . This particular claim was made in December . The former producer claimed that some of Matt's encounters in the office were consensual, but added that they are still problematic because of the power he wielded as the face of the network. The producer added that

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