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From phallus-like amphibians to newly discovered baby ghost sharks, here are some of the weirdest and most amazing animals from around the world. Our planet is incredibly diverse. Different environmental conditions create different characteristics in creatures of all shapes and sizes. Some evolve for the image of the dark pig phallus in the deep sea, others for the presence of the image of the dry, seemingly unsociable pig phallus. Complete darkness, sediment-rich water, high-pressure environments, and near-freezing water have each resulted in some of the strangest creatures with their own adaptations . Scientists estimate that there are anywhere from hundreds of thousands to over 10 million new species waiting to become the image of a pig's penis in the depths of our oceans. Read on for some of the strangest animals on the planet! More formally known as chimaeras, these elusive creatures are rarely found and little is known about them. More is known about their juveniles, and the first of these deep-sea creatures to be discovered live at depths of 6.ft to 2.m, where water temperatures are near freezing. Their dead eyes and large wing-like fins are the features that best fit the image of a flying penis pig, giving them their macabre name. Despite their name, ghost sharks are not actually members of the shark family, but are a type of fish and have skeletons made of cartilage rather than bone. Nevertheless, like sharks, they lay egg capsules, also known as mermaid purses, on the ocean floor. Image of a pig's phallus The capsule protects the embryo as it develops, until it is nourished from the egg yolk and ready to hatch. Little is known about this elusive fish, which has a retractable phallus-like appendage on its head, so scientists are eager to learn more about this elusive fish and keep track of its population.

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Just a few days ago, we all enjoyed a desperate laugh at the expense of Tesco because its designers made the wrong decision about what "packaging" they had to design for the store's new range of buttery products . A batch of X-rated cookies is a London Apprentice and were discovered in the proud showcase of a Yorkshire bakery by George Hughes, a He uploaded a snapshot on Facebook and wrote: "They make me uncomfortable. Pigs!" fall off the nose and unfortunately with a few more coats of gl medicine, there is no escaping the fact that Peppa looks more like a daddy's pig than a Peppa herself. This is definitely not a side of Peppa that is suitable for children. Enter your keywords in the search. Today's top story. We're Blind in England! Nicole Richie represents the micro-mini trend. Twitter. you can find the same content in another format or find more on the site.

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