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Slang and abbreviations have been used in the sex industry for as long as there has been a sex industry. To be safe, workers have created their own slang to communicate with customers and each other. Being sex workers, we know that communication is a very important part of our personal meetings. We also recognize that we exist in a queer space because a much larger percentage of workers are queer than the general public. Therefore, the terminology used by queer people and sex workers to describe themselves and their services is essential. Many people do not understand these terms as deeply as we in the industry do, but we try to make communication between customers and workers as easy as possible. It is imperative that U.S. customers fully understand the services their employees provide. To help customers navigate more easily, we hope to create this consolidated glossary of terms so that customers and employees can clearly understand each other. We have also added a section at the bottom of this page that provides a more comprehensive glossary of terms and phrases that can be used to help customers and employees understand each other more clearly. This includes certain terms that are now considered outdated and in-shame that should not be used unless you are a sex worker. We encourage our clients to learn and understand them. Because their use adds to the stigma and violence we face. If you hear them being used by non-sex workers, please shout about the use of light rog-like language.

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