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The use of sex or sexual situations to reward or attract viewers. The specific term "fanservice" originated in the anime community, but the concept is much older. < span _d-id="63" class="--l --r bg-[#E1F0F5] text-[#25282D] partial-highlight--animation sentence_ highlight"> Instead, he frequently uses hints of sexuality or sex funny or comical ways to tease or irritate the audience. </span> Since most writers are male, this is traditionally associated with female characters, but fan service for male characters is not uncommon. Some series may have a designated fanservice character. These are characters who are most likely to find themselves in fanservice situations, even if they are main characters and serve in a role other than fanservice. Some series have both male and female fanservice characters. While some fanservice can enhance the appeal of a series, too often it can be very annoying, especially if the fanservice is directed at people of a completely different sexuality than the viewer, and in some cases may turn viewers away altogether. However, fanservice can easily attract viewers. On the other end of the spectrum, it is difficult to cross the line twice, but at some point it can happen, so use fanservice to advance the plot. Fanservice for female characters is often referred to as "cheesecake" and fanservice for male characters is often referred to as "beefcake" . Within the visual music subgenre, for example, "fanservice" and Ho Yay are almost synonymous. This is because bands are almost always male, and early on the bisexual population is above average. Audience. See also breakout character. This is when the character is very popular with the fans and the creator makes more appearances. Sexy fanservice is considered the default format because it is what everyone seems to remember and is the easiest to add to any kind of show. See also Perpetually Shiny Bodies. This is a type of fanservice in which a character's body is completely dry but still has an unusual glow; a subgenre of Sex Sells, which is a type of fanservice in which a character's body is completely dry but still has an unusual glow.

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